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AIM Ayurveda, a super-speciality center for chronic diseases, was founded in 1994 by world-renowned health icon, Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal who is also an inventor of highly impactful Joint pain oil &, Joint pain capsule under the brand name Joint Amrit. A popular print media and TV personality, he also organizes various CME


Arthritis/Joint Pains

At AIM Ayurveda, we have created a specialized product that gives you tremendous relief from Arthritis

Liver Cirrhosis/Problems

Ayurvedic treatment for the liver cirrhosis is best considering curability without side effects

Kidney Failure & Stones

The kidneys are a pair of vital organs that perform many functions to keep the blood clean and chemically balanced

Skin Problems & Psoriasis

Discover Ayurvedic Solutions at AimAyurveda for Skin Problems, Including Psoriasis, and Unveil Healthier, Glowing Skin Naturally.


Ayurveda sees male and female fertility as the ultimate act of creation and as the most powerful driving power of human luck.

Diabetes Problems

Ayurveda views diabetes as a disorder caused by imbalances in the doshas, especially in the Kapha and Pitta doshas.

Acidity / Gas, etc

This usually refers to acid reflux or heartburn, a condition where stomach acid flows back up into the esophagus,

Neurological Problems/ Paralysis

Neurological problems encompass a wide range of conditions affecting the nervous system

Why Joint Amrit?

A few words from Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal narrating his journey of making Joint Amrit a super-speciality product from the house of AIM Ayurveda.

Joint Amrit के साथ जोड़ो के दर्द को कहे अलविदा।

MS Aakanksha, Badminton player/Super model, shares her experience on how Joint Amrit is a blessing for Sports Injuries / Joint Problems.


Happy and well recovered patient from London sharing her experience of using Joint Amrit

Latest Awards

Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal receiving Hakim Ajmal Khan Global Award

Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal receiving Brand Icon Of The Year Award

To Get Rid of Joint Problem with Joint Amrit Oil & Capsule

Joint Amrit capsule & oil a super speciality product manufactured with pure plant extracts & invented by world renowned health icon & multiple times award winner Dr Rakesh Aggarwal. Assured relief in any kind of joint pain that helps to keep your joints & cartilages healthy.

It's powerful herbominral combination ie. boswellia,ashwagandha, shunthi, triphala, guggulu, rasna,nirgundi,dashmool,godanti,etc many powerful herbs have all been shown to decrease inflammation by interfering with the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body.for complete joint care.

Joint Amrit is scientifically proven Joint Pain Oil, wonderful knee pain oil, It provides complete, Ayurvedic treatment of joint pain/ Arthritis ,Joint Amrit capsule & oil combined gives tremendous results to prevent cartilage degradation, is helps to get rid of chronic joint pain, stiffness, and swelling. Joint Amrit oil one can describe to be used for knee pain oil, joint pain relief oil, pain relief ayurvedic oil, Joint pain ayurvedic oil.